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The Business Analyst role is to support the LAD HR Organization and its internal customers with end-to-end operations support. The successful individual will work closely with various management teams, understand their data needs and support them with getting the required information to drive their business and strategies.

 Essential Job Responsibilities


?        Responsible for end to end operational support in terms of data analysis, cost, compensation guidelines, various process and systems for the LAD HR organization

?        Work with process owners (internal teams), systems team and end users to understand the requirements and achieve the desired details, which will help, drive the HR strategies and decision-making.

?        Participate in review calls and help in review of reports / data, specific issues like missing information/ documentation etc.

?        Analyze the data and provide valuable insights that would help in their day to day business.

?        Handling queries / clarifications of recruiters / recruiting managers in terms of compensation plan guidelines/ reporting systems

?        Monitor the quality of systems data within the organization and work with management on constantly improving the accuracy and reliability of the data


Job Specific Competencies


?        5+ year’s professional experience with at least 3 years in reporting/ data analytics.

?        Proven experience with client and customer engagement

?        Hands on experience working with multiple systems, data sources and complex processes

?        Good knowledge of Microsoft Office - areas: data validation and data mapping for reports, spreadsheets, graphs and flowcharts

?        Exposure in data analysis, provide summaries and inferences based on the analyzed data to the executive management





Personal Attributes


?        Able to exercise independent judgment and take action on it.

?        Very good analytical, mathematical, and problem-solving skills.

?        Very good listening, interpersonal, written, and oral communication skills.

?        Logical and efficient, with keen attention to detail.

?        Strong customer service orientation.

?        Experience working in a team-oriented, collaborative environment.


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