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Summary of Work, Tasks and Responsibilities


  • Prepare a strategic plan for the logistics area aligned with the Company's objectives.
  • • Maximize the use of resources seeking cost reduction.
  • • Ensure and ensure that the personnel in charge have all the tools and training to carry out their operation and administration activities of the logistics processes.
  • • Ensure that the personnel in charge of it are developing their circle of influence in order to generate and establish the internal and external channels and means of communication that guarantee the flow of the processes for the fulfillment of the Company objectives.
  • • Validate that logistics planning is carried out under optimal conditions that lead to a reduction in the cost of freight.
  • • Develop statistical reports and analyzes that favor decision-making and thereby generate greater use of resources and lower cost.
  • • Guarantee and ensure that the personnel in charge of it correctly develop the procedures, ensuring the correct monitoring of the operation, avoiding and preventing breakages that impact clients.
  • • Administration and development of transport providers that guarantee the flow of the logistics chain for supply to customers.
  • • Administration and performance evaluation of the personnel in charge, strengthening decision-making and strategic thinking, as well as determining their shift roles and skills matrix.
  • • Manage and create communication channels with the staff in charge to provide feedback on performance, internal information of the Plant Management, Operations Management and the SGC.
  • • Ensure that the logistics processes are developed and complied with based on the procedures, controls and formats established in the QMS.
  • • Verify that all activities and functions are carried out at all times guaranteeing the safety of both personnel, equipment and infrastructure.
  • • Own fleet management.
  • • Performance analysis of transport units.
  • • Annual budget management.
  • • Route planning.
  • • Operation and control of hazardous materials.
  •  Inventory control.
  • • Ensure the quality of dispatches to customers.
  •   • Ensure dispatch on time to customers




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